School Outreach Project

Partnering with schools to provide Christmas gifts for pediatric cancer patients


Our School Outreach Project allows us to partner with schools across America. Our student led fundraising program allows students to give back while gaining valuable experience in leadership.


Students at partnership schools design their own fundraising plan and implement it. 


100% of all funds raised or gifts donated go directly to St. Jude Hospital’s Target House pediatric cancer patients and their families in the form of Christmas gifts for the free Christmas shop.


Our School Outreach Project was inspired by Dylan McElduff‘s story and his mom Cindy McElduff‘s toy collection effort. Cindy wanted to pay forward the support her family received by collecting gifts for the pediatric cancer patients at St. Jude Hospital.

Read Dylan’s story below and if you are inspired to get your school involved you can contact Cindy McElduff at   or Mike Crask at

Dylan’s Story

A survivor inspires a giving spirit

While Dylan was playing baseball his junior year in high school, he started seeing double when the ball was hit to him or thrown at him.  He would simply shut one eye and didn't think much of it so he never mentioned it to anyone. After school was out for the summer, while working for the family construction company, he then started having bad headaches.  That went on all summer  so right after school started for his senior year he decided he needed to go to the doctor.  

I took him on a Thursday afternoon, he then had a MRI that same day, then that afternoon he was in PICU at our local hospital after being diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor.  We left the next day for LeBonheur Children's Hospital in Memphis where he would eventually have two brain surgeries there.  

After he recovered from the surgeries, he was sent to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.  After we got settled in, we were sent to Target House to live the rest of our time at St. Jude.  Dylan received 4 rounds of chemotherapy and 20 proton treatments for a total time of five months.  I'm not sure what we would have done had it not been for Target House as they gave us a sense of home, which is what the families need.   

Because of the outpouring of support we had from our community I wanted to give back to the kids at St. Jude Hospital. I put out a post on Facebook that I wanted to collect gifts for St. Jude Hospital. I was just hoping for 10. I would have been excited about just having a few. But then our school softball coach and dance line coach joined in and asked each girl to bring a gift as their ticket to get into their Christmas party. And then our community really got involved and it blew up in just a matter of a few weeks.

Most of the donations were toys but the money people sent was used to buy gift cards and gifts for the teen and young adult patients. We were able to take over 750 gifts and over $1000 worth of gift cards to St. Jude Hospital.”

—Cindy McElduff 

We have taken what Dylan inspired and what Cindy started and created our School Outreach Project where Childhood Cancer Family Fund partners with schools to collect gifts or raise money to buy gifts for the pediatric cancer patients at St. Jude Hospital’s Target House. Cindy is now on our Board of Directors and is the Director of the School Outreach Project.

Contact Cindy at


Participating Schools and School Organizations

Delayne Morris’

Fifth  Grade Class 

Northpoint Christian School

Southaven, Mississippi 

Dance Line

Choudrant High School 

Choudrant, Louisiana 

Softball Team

Choudrant High School 

Choudrant, Louisiana 

Junior and Senior Cheer

Choudrant High School 

Choudrant, Louisiana 

Samantha Stephan 

Connections Club

Stephen Decatur High School

Berlin, Maryland 

Memphis Catholic High School 

Memphis, Tennessee 

4H Club

Choudrant Elementary School

Choudrant, Louisiana 

Northeast Mississippi Community College Booneville, Mississippi 

AO Pi Sorority  

Western Kentucky University 

Bowling Green, Kentucky 

Northpoint Christian School 

Footbal Team

Southaven, Mississippi 

Northpoint Christian School

Cross Country Team

Southaven, Mississippi 

Quitman High School

FFA and

Cheerleading Team

Quitman, Louisiana

Alexandria Senior High School 

Alexandria, Louisiana