Target House Christmas


Imagine if your child was diagnosed with cancer...

When a child is diagnosed with cancer a family is thrown into a whirlwind of heartache and helplessness. Because childhood cancer is fairly rare, cancer treatment for kids often requires travel to a pediatric treatment center at far away places like St. Jude Hospital in Memphis.

Often one or both parents leave their home and job to be with their child during treatment that can last up to 3 years. Some parents are even forced to sell their homes to support the family during their child’s treatment. This places a severe financial burden on families already under immense emotional strain as they try to help their child fight to live.


To give your child a chance to live you might be forced to quit work, sell your house and move across country..

When these families go to St. Jude Hospital for treatment often lasting anywhere from 3 months to 3 years they are assigned to live at Target House. 

Target House is the long term family residence housing 96 pediatric cancer patients and their familiees. The patients range in age from infant to 18 years old and come from all over the U.S. and the world.

St. Jude Hospital does an amazing job providing most anything a child needs while there. But everything can not be covered. Food and household goods are not provided at Target House and many families there struggle mightily to afford such things. Thankfully donations to the Target House pantry cover a lot of the food and household products needed by the families. 

Another thing not provided at Target House are Christmas gifts for the kids. For most Christmas is a joyous time spent with family, exchanging gifts Christmas morning. But for the families of pediatric cancer patients at Target House Christmas is an added worry for families already overwhelmed financially.

Knowing that each Christmas might be the last with their sick child, parents want so badly to get that child the gift they want. But so many families at Target House can not afford the extra expense of Christmas gifts.


Providing Christmas gifts allows parents to focus on helping their child live

Childhood Cancer Family Fund has a single purpose, to help provide Christmas gifts for the free Christmas shop set up at Target House each year. Parents get to shop at no cost, picking out gifts for their children.

We will work year round to solicit donations of money and gifts from individuals, groups and businesses.

For St. Jude kids fighting cancer a donation of money or a new toy to Childhood Cancer Family Fund can make a world of difference for them and their families.